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you don't have to love me, you don't even have to like me, but you WILL RESPECT me.
We were just one long goodbye.

— Six word story (via blossomfully)

10 Word Poem


One day, I’ll see that I’ve stop dreaming about her

I’m so close to being done

Just like the movies. That’s how it will be. Cinematic and dramatic, with the perfect ending! It’s not like the movies, but that’s how it should be. When he’s the one, you’ll come undone and your world will stop spinning. And it’s just the beginning

Am I a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could? If it’s not like the movies. That’s how it should be… But it’s only the beginning

You know that moment…. when you finally can see how shitty everything is and you don’t wanna see it anymore. And the only way to never see it again is to sleep forever. And the only way to sleep forever is to die…

Anonymous asked: I want you to tell me what to do, and I I I want to serve you. You would be in complete control, the boss, what ever you say I would do. From cleaning your room to a massage anything you could tell me to do I would. You could just smack me around if u wanted If you know who this is and eould want this one day or any day text me and tell me what you want me to do ;)

Lol who is this????


you know, we could never get along. Ever. Now that i havent been around and I come back thing went great but then i had to go back and it starts all over again. With you hating me. With you always telling me how I’m so disrespectful and blah blah blah. I’m trying to grow up and get out. I don’t wanna leave but I dont want to get stuck somewhere I dont need to be.