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you don't have to love me, you don't even have to like me, but you WILL RESPECT me.

Honestly you always make me feel like shit. I can never do, or say anything right. You can be mean, mad or sad and its fine but if I’m mean, mad or sad I’m totally in the wrong. Its always my fault. Always.

I think you might be stupud considering you take everything I say and turn it so evil. Think. Think.

I hate how I can never be sad, mad, or bummed without getting yelled at. Complete bullshit

Block Block Block

Speak your mind. Don’t let anyone make you feel you can’t. Block them

You know when you want to talk to someone about something you know they’re gunna get pissed about… and you just don’t know when to ask or talk to them because you guys are always fighting and you know they are getting sick of it. I just wanna talk

I literally feel homeless. Crying right now in the Wal-Mart bathroom trying to figure life really has me seeing how fucked up everything is. I’m not the one who stop trying but it looks like this time I’m going to have too…

It just keeeps getting worse and worse, day after day.

Reblog if you’ve had your heart broken…